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Motorola Why Why Why... Another Reason to Buy Hytera-Radio-Shop UK

Motorola Why Why Why... Another Reason to Buy Hytera

I pride myself on being independent and offering customers advice on solution that will benefit their work place and environment. Over the last 20 years I have built complexed repeater networks across the world. Overtime my frustration increases as things constantly continue to change and in my personal opinion not for the better.

Here are just three things Motorola have done that instead of bringing customers closer to compete with the ever growing Hytera they are in my personal opinion pushing them away.

  The repeater replacement of the DR3000; brilliant repeater you could drop it anywhere in the world and it would take care of itself. Motorola then replaced it with the Motorola SLR5500 which needs a new fan system every 12 months if you use it full time. The SLR5500 also shuts down if you don't configure it correctly when it receives a simple minor alarm. This doesn't help when you build networks and monitor them remotely. 

Motorola DR3000 RepeaterMotorola SLR5500

  Then Motorola inform us that if service support from the start is not taken at the beginning when the customer buys a TETRA System they will no longer have the option of buying it later on. Personally it alienates the customers, you want them to pay large infrastructure costs but you are on your own if you don't pay extra for Motorola support at the very start. I personally offer my customer endless support regardless of the purchase price and I ensure they definitely have a solution that works.

Then the straw.....

3   Motorola have now confirmed they will be increasing the infrastructure repeater licences from the 3rd November 2018. Please note it may only look like a small increase but every repeater needs a licence so it adds up and the fact it is a software unlock only, as it is built into the repeater already I personally feel it will alienate customers again.

All you Capacity Plus Single and Multi Site and Capacity Plus users be warned

So... the moral of the blog

Buy Hytera and if you require a XPT Single or Multi-site licence key for any Hytera repeater or a New Digital Hytera repeater we will give you an extra 10% off our current price.

Hytera RD985S Repeater

Call us today on 0800 774 7147 for more information and we offer a free consultation service. So book your appointment today and visit the office and we can go through the options and make sure we buy you a solution at work.



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