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Codine DP140 Two Way Radio - Review

Radio Shop UK have recently become a distributor for Codine Radios, since we are selling these products we have decided to do a full product review. 

Codine DP-140


The DP-140 is the smallest digital two-way radio on the market, the Codine DP-140 is perfect for retail, schools, hotels and hospitals. This two-way radio offers short distance communication which operates in both digital and analogue mode. This allows you to use the DP-140 with a Motorola and Hytera digital and analogue repeater in single site mode. The DP-140 two-way radio has 128 channels to choose from with a clear voice audio.

The Codine DP-140 has a LED display which can be clearly seen in all environments dark or light. The display shows the battery life, channel selection, mode of operation (Digital or Analogue) and whether the channel is in use or not.

The DP-140 allows you to combine the radio with a remote speaker mic which can be clipped onto your shirt ect, this way you do not have to worry about any wires and carrying heavy radios on your belt. This light weight two-way radio comes with digital encryption offering you security whilst communicating in confidence, this means your voice will not be heard by others. 



The Codine DP-140 also has a hands free VOX facility which frees you hands which enables you to communicate and work at the same time. The DP-140 additionally comes with a 2 pin low cost accessory port which lets you connect a Kenwood earpiece.

For a limited time only, Radio Shop UK are providing you with the Codine earpiece for each individual radio FREE of charge. 

The Codine DP-140 Basic Package includes; 

  • Codine DP140 Handheld Radio 
  • Battery
  • Single-Unit Charger
  • Antenna
  • Belt Clip 
  • In-box Documentation

    Radio Shop UK have created a Codine DP-140 6 pack deal which includes; 

    • Codine DP140 Handheld Radio x 6 
    • Battery x 6
    • Single Charger x 6
    • Antenna x 6
    • Belt Clip x 6
    • In-box Documentation x 6
    • Multi-Charger x 1



      Codine are a UK manufacturer of two-way radios.

      They have spent the time and research sourcing and creating products that fulfil the end users' needs and offer solutions to a variety of industries.

      The owner of the company spent years in the military fixing and working on military radios as a technician before working with the largest security companies in the world installing communication solutions in the harshest of environments.

      They have now taken that knowledge and experience and created products which have passed the latest CE and RED testing standards.

      The products come with 12 months warranty as standard and a hassle-free swap out service.

      Call us today on 0800 774 7147.