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Codine DP340 Two Way Radio - Review

Codine DP340 Review

Radio Shop UK have recently become a distributor for Codine Radios, since we are selling these products we have decided to do a full product review. 


Codine DP340 Two Way Radio - Review


Benefits of the licence Codine DP 340  Radio:

Codine are a UK manufacturer of two-way radios.The director of Codine worked as a technician in the military for years to fix military radios. The director even worked with huge security companies in harsh environments which they would then install communication solutions so that they could communicate even in difficult surroundings. Having all this experience and knowledge on how to create the right products for the right needs they have created their own brand new two way radios which are Codine Radios which have passed the latest CE and RED testing standards.

They have spent the time and research sourcing and creating products that fulfil the end customers needs and offer solutions to a variety of industries. The DP 340 Codine Radio is one of their great licence radios. This Radio is specifically designed for security and construction companies as it can be exposed to rain and dust. 

This amazing brand new radio comes in digital and analogue with 32 channels and 2 zones, meaning you can programme 16 channels to be old analogue and 16 channels to be digital. The Codine DP 340 offers a clear voice for example the radio will cancel out any background noise such as music so you can communicate with no hassle. 

The licence Codine DP 340 radio comes with a huge variety of features and benefits for example the radio has two programmable buttons which can be configured to turn encryption off, changing the power higher and lower and you can even configure the radio to talk to repeaters and talkaround. This can be done by programming the software. A huge benefit of the DP 340 Codine radio is that it has a kenwood two pin connector meaning you can purchase low cost accessories. These simple and easy to use Codine radios even comes with a belt clip making it more efficient carry.

Another benefits of the Codine DP 340 is that it comes with a 2200 battery which lasts all day making it suitable for long working shifts. These fantastic Codine DP 340 radios are very robust and can be dropped with no damage made. 

Disadvantages of the licence Codine DP 340 Radio:

A disadvantage of the licence Codine DP 340 Two way radio is that they are new on the market as they are brand new radios.

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