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Icom F29SR Radio Licence Free Radio - Review

Radio Shop UK have recently carried out personal reviews on the Icom F29SR Two Way Radio, we have gathered this recent information from independent customers who have purchased this licence free radio for their business. 

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Benefits of the ICOM F29SR:

We have found that customers rely on the ICOM F29SR Two Way Radio to communicate within their business using it for up to 21 hours, being able to use it in noisy environments due to its loud speaker this is the reason why we have such a popular demand for this model. The clear audio and speaker allowed customers to communicate effectively.

Being small, lightweight and easy to use, customers found that this Two-Way Radio was brilliant as it offered many benefits. The ICOM F29SR has up to 16 channels.

As the Icom F29SR has a IP67 waterproof rating, many Leisure Centres have found this perfect to use for Health and Safety on a daily basis, suitable to use indoors and outdoors.

Including a belt clip, battery and charging pod with the Two-Way Radio customers loved the fact they were receiving the full package when purchasing.

Disadvantages of the ICOM F29SR:

Despite the low-cost Two-Way Radio having the same ear piece connector as a Kenwood radio, inside the Icom F29SR radio it is designed different therefore will not work. The most common problem we have had is many customers purchased the wrong earpiece when purchasing online. 

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As the Icom F29SR two-way radios are already pre-programmed with 16 channels we have found that some sellers change the configuration, which means if you purchase additional radios after, the radios may not work. Radio Shop UK help with this problem a free of charge service, but there may be inconvenience beforehand.