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Hytera BD305LF Two Way Business Radio


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Hytera BD305LF Two Way Radio

Special Promotion Limited Stock at this price - The Hytera BD305LF Two Way Business Radio from is a great alternative to the Motorola XT420, Icom F29SR and Kenwood TK3501 Series radios.

It is smaller, compatible and works with them all. For years small business purchase licence free radios and then discover if its not the same brand and they are not compatible or a certain channel on one radio matches a completely different channel on another radio.

Apart from it being nuisance, unworkable and just annoying the Hytera BD305LF from Radio Shop gets rid of all these issues ensuring you get exactly what you have been after....Instant hassle free communications between your existing radios.

Hytera BD305LF Two Way Business Radio from

Licence-Free Robust Digital Business Radio

A lightweight design in a compact yet rugged exterior, providing clear voice communication and high performance makes the BD305LF the ideal radio for everyday business communication.

Dual Mode

Operating in Analogue and Digital mode to aid your migration from Analogue to Digital two-way radio technology.

Works with Existing PMR446 Licence Free Radios

We have taken the time and offer our customers an instant compatible solution unlike other two way radio stores.

Our Hytera BD305LF two way business radios come ready to go out the box and will work with the Following Top Selling Radios straight away:

  • Motorola XT420
  • Motorola XT460
  • Icom F29SR
  • Icom F27SR
  • Kenwood TK3401
  • Kenwood TK501

Clear Communications

Digital DMR technology delivers excellent audio transmission, providing reliable communication.

USB Charging

Convenient to charge via Micro-USB port (single unit charger optional).


  • PMR446
  • IP54 Rating
  • Dual Mode (Analogue and Digital)
  • 48 Channels, 3 Zones
  • 64 Contacts in Digital Mode
  • 101x49x25.8mm - 140g Weight
  • 12.5 / 25KHz Selectable Channel Spacing
  • 16 Hours in Digital Mode Under Duty Cycle of 5-5-90
  • Digital Voice Call Function
  • Scan (Analogue Only or Digital Only - Not Mixed)
  • One Touch Call
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G Standards
  • TDMA Direct Mode
  • Analogue and Digital Mixed Channel Receiving
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Vox

Basic Package includes

  • Hytera BD305LF Hand Portable
  • Standard UHF Antenna
  • Li-Ion Battery 2200mAh (BL2202)
  • Switching Power Adapter (PS1067)
  • Nylon Strap (RO03)
  • Belt Clip (BC16)
  • User Manual

    Basic Specifications

    Frequency Range UHF 446 - 446.1 Mhz
    Power Output 0.5W
    Channel Capacity 48
    Number of Zones 3
    Battery Life approx 16 hours(digital); 12 hours (analogue)
    Battery 2200mAh (Li-Ion Battery)
    Antenna Impedence 50 Ω
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 101 x 49 x 26 mm
    Weight 140g


    For more specifications please download the product brochure

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