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Kenwood TK3401DT Walkie Talkie - Review

Kenwood TK3401DT Licence Free Radio

Here at Radio Shop UK, we have grouped together all the reviews from our customers that have bought the Kenwood TK3401DT to create an overall review on this licence free radio.


Kenwood TK3401DT Licence Free - Review


Benefits of the Kenwood TK3401DT Radio:

A massive benefit of this radio is that it works straight out of the box and no cost needed for a Ofcom licence as it's a licence free radio. We found that these Kenwood TK3401DT are suitable for retail, leisure centre and small restaurants. This licence free radio offers 16 of the old Kenwood channels and 16 digital channels which increases the range and security of the radio. Due to the Kenwood TK3401DT radio being Digital it allows a more advanced clear audio.


Kenwood TK3401DT Licence Free - Review


A popular benefit that found were that customers mentioned that the battery life was outstanding as they would last them all day. Customers described these radios as small, robust and a perfect replacement of the TK3301 and the TK3501. These radios are usually sold at a price of £185 however at Radio Shop UK we sell them for a low-cost price. A great advantage that theses Kenwood TK3401DT have is that they come with a two-pin accessory port allowing all Kenwood accessories to fit which are low cost.

Disadvantages of the Kenwood TK3401DT Radio:

A disadvantage of the Kenwood TK3401DT that we found from customers were that the chargers are very expensive. We also found that the range is still limited due to it being licence free. 

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