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Body Worn Video Cameras

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Body Cameras

We are pleased to supply a selection of high quality body cameras perfect for incident managment by security personnel and staff who find themselves in confrontional scenarios.

Wearing a body worn video camera enables you to record the situtation but they also act as a deterrent and encourage people to behave knowing the footage can be recorded and used as evidence against them.

There are hundreds of cheap chinese brands which often seem like a good idea when purchasing as they keep costs down but what they also do the majority of the time is fail when you need them most. An incident has occured you go to look at the footage and you find the video file is corrupt and unreadable.

We sell only high quality body cameras with genuine warranties and support. 

Pinnacle - Simple and easy to use body camera

Hytera - Latest technology combining Body Camera and Remote Speaker Microphone

Codine - Our own brand Body Camera offering full support and replacement for 12 months.