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ATEX Radios / Intrinsically Safe Radios

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Intrinsically Safe Radios / ATEX Radios

ATEX or Intrinsically Safe Radios are essential for businesses that operate in explosive and hazardous environments such as oil, gas, mining and chemical installations.

Due to flammable gases, mists, vapour or combustible dust these environments are at risk by unintentional ignition and therefore the equipment used needs to be specially designed and tested to meet the highest standards.

ATEX and Intrinsically Safe Equipment is marked with the 'EX' Symbol which signifies the products have undergone the required tests and meets the essential health and safety standards.

Motorola ATEX Radios

Most modern ATEX Radios are often Blue in Colour so they can be easily identified around the site and within seconds you have visual notification that the radio is most likely ATEX.

Motorola DP4801EX ATEX Radio

Radio Shop UK sells the latest digital ATEX products which have been designed to work with your existing radios and offer the features unique to digital when you decide to migrate.

One of the key features is the digital filter that voice passes through. This eliminates background noise so only voice is passed making it ideal for noisy environments such as drilling platforms.

We sell both Motorola and Hytera and are authorised to do so offering you full support. Motorola is leading manufacturer of digital ATEX radios with Hytera following closely behind.

If you are considering purchasing any ATEX products, please get in touch to discuss your needs and we can help deliver your ATEX system and ensure it is fit for purpose.

We also have a hire fleet of ATEX Radios for short or long term hire.

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