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Battery Maintenance Tips For Two Way Radios

Battery Maintenance Tips For Two Way Radios

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If you own only a few two-way radios and don’t use them all that much, you might not fret about your batteries: Just buy some extras and you’re pretty much set.

But as your radio fleet gets bigger, you really need to pay attention to your batteries. If your radios number in the dozens, hundreds or even higher, batteries can become a significant cost to your business. Getting the most life out of your batteries is essentially good for business.

What preserves battery life?

  • Starting out — from the very first charge — with a full charge to capacity
  • Allowing batteries to become completely discharged before recharging
  • Charging batteries fully before storing them for extended periods
  • Making sure radios are turned off when they are in the charger
  • Finding a cool, dry place to store batteries

What shortens battery life?

  • Putting a battery into a rapid charger before it is significantly drained of power
  • Leaving a battery in the charger for extended periods. Some chargers are programmed to avoid damage by stopping the charging process once your battery is fully charged, but you must make sure your chargers have this capacity — if they do not, leaving batteries in the charger will damage them.
  • Using a charger as a base for your radio and leaving it there for extended periods. While the battery will pass power on to the radio as long as it is mounted on the base, the battery may not be able to hold a charge if extended overcharging has damaged it. This negates the mobile capacity of your handheld radio.

Radios aren't good for much without a reliable power source. That’s why it’s so important to follow these tips to prolong the battery life — and to have a process in place to get every last drop of energy from them.

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