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How Different Industries Are Using Two-Way Radios

How Different Industries Are Using Two-Way Radios

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When you’re thinking about buying two-way radios for your organisation, it helps to understand how different industries are already using radios. Radio-Shop UK have a wide range of two-way radios to suit a variety of needs. To find out how other industries might be using two-way radios, please see below.


Rapid customer service and loss prevention are the primary benefits of two-way radios in retail. Sales floor staff can find out what stock is in the back room and can use radios to get a price check or request manager assistance. Radios also help security professionals coordinate a response when shoplifters strike or when customers are creating damage or a nuisance.


Factory floors present a multitude of communication challenges. It is possible that an assembly line can break down in areas outside the reach of a landline phone or internet connection. Digital radios can be programmed to send instant alerts to managers, maintenance and engineering when there are production line interruptions. For day-to-day operations, staff in the office and on the factory floor must be able to talk to each other - and two way radios can make that happen with greater efficiency and flexibility than mobile phones or other devices.


Two-way radio communications are widely in use in the healthcare sector supporting patient care, enhancing staff safety, ensuring security and improving the efficient management of facilities. It provides instant communication in voice or data to individuals, departments or groups and offers a practical and reliable solution in healthcare environments, whether doctors surgeries, health centres or hospitals.


Blueprints can't answer every question that arises when work crews are adding floors, windows, lifts and heating ducts to a new building. Two-way radios enable construction workers to instantly consult with architects, engineers and supervisors anywhere on the site - or request extra crew or spare parts to keep jobs on schedule.

Hazardous Environments:

Workers can confront threats from explosive gas or combustible dust, on an oil rig or in an open mine, daily. Safe, reliable communication is absolutely critical in such dangerous environments. 

Mines and oil rigs often operate extremely far from civilisation, taking mobile phone service out of the equation. People in remote locations need to be able to talk to co-workers the minute trouble erupts, whether it's a well head fire, a weather emergency or a bulldozer breakdown that halts production.

Events Management:

Events such as concerts, festivals, sports and parades attract huge crowds - and pose huge risks. Events require instant communications to keep people moving or to call in emergency aid if somebody falls ill or has an accident. Because events sprawl over large areas, they are perfect for the use of two-way radios that allow staff to keep in touch without worrying about whether they have adequate mobile phone coverage. Many events also hire two-way radio's to improve safety and productivity.

Facilities Management:

Facilities Management performs a vital function in the smooth running of offices, shopping centres, industrial buildings, schools and hospitals. Reliable communication is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the facilities teams and using two-way radios means workers can be contacted swiftly and efficiently without having to worry about mobile phone coverage.


In hotels, housekeeping staff use radios to request maintenance help for problems such as large spills, damaged light fixtures, or other issues that require repairs or service. At the front desk, radios help confirm room availability and summon managers to resolve disputes. To keep guests happy, food service staff use two-way radios to coordinate between the kitchens, servers, caterers and room service. Security personnel need radios to request assistance at the first sign of trouble.


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