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Hytera Body Camera - User Guide and Help

Hytera Body Camera - User Guide and Help

Hytera have released a range of Body Cameras which have several great features. However, customers have been asking us how to connect to the device and obtain the basic footage using the BWC Software.

Hytera VM750D Body Camera

There are 4 things you require:

  1. The BWC Software Latest Software v3.0.03.000
  2. The Drivers for the cameras
  3. Password to unlock the device (Default 99999999)
  4. The User Guide

To Summarise the software just lets you change the parameters of the camera you have to click the disk mode next to the camera once you have logged into the software. This will change the camera into a USB hard drive. Go to my computer, Select the camera and you can access, Copy and remove the videos on the device onto your PC.

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