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Hytera PD41X Patrol Solution-Radio-Shop UK

Hytera PD41X Patrol Solution

This week we are taking a look at the Hytera PD41X Patrol Solution and how it benefits our clients?

"It simply works and makes your work even simplier"


  • Real time tracking of your patrols
  • Confirmation your security are checking the correct areas and not cutting corners
  • See the working habits of each guards
  • Improve your patrol and search capabilities
  • Enables you to have professional timed patrol routes
  • Data and Statistics can be used for reports and compliance

Consists of:

That's all.... Simple, reliable and abundant in features

Hytera PD41X Patrol System Brochure

It enables the administrator to add or edit the patrol plan by setting patrol route, patroller and time period for the plan

Offers immediate communications: All calls, Group Calls & Private Calls

So how does it work?

Once the radio touches the RFID tag it reads the information, switches into data uploading mode and sends the information back through the network to the applications software on your computer. This offers real time information and monitoring.

You can then use the radio to trigger alarms and notify other colleagues. All information is recorded and can be used to produce reports, statistics, queries, report export and offline data offload

It is a low cost solution which offers a fantastic service ideal for any security patrols

We are here to help and build you a great system to fit your needs and budget

 We also offer a variety of Motorola and Hytera products at great prices.

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