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Motorola DP4401Ex- Two Way Radios for Hazardous Environments

This weeks promotional offer is for the Motorola DP4401EX ATEX Two Way Radio.

Two Way Radios for Hazardous Environments

The Motorola DP4401EX two way radio is specially built for hazardous environments such as oil rigs and chemical factories, with 32 channels to choose from and an emergency button this radio is perfect for your business. Workers can confront threats from explosive gas combustible dust, oil rigs or open mines on a daily basis. This Two Way Radio is definitely safe and reliable for communication, which is critical in dangerous surroundings.

Two Way Radios for Hazardous EnvironmentsTwo Way Radios for Hazardous Environments

The DP4401Ex ATEX- certified portable Two Way Radio delivers voice and data communication with a integrated GPS. Available in UHF or VHF this Two Way Radio has intelligent audio and customisable voice announcement. Having an emergency button, lone worker and man down functions allows you to communicate instantly with co-workers and when they require assistance. Our recommended radios are built with durability in mind and can continue to work when wet, dirty or dropped from a height.


Two Way Radios for Hazardous Environments


If Perhaps you needs Accessories for your Motorla DP4401EX, Radio Shop UK sell 1000's of accessories such as batteries, belt clips and chargers.

Two Way Radios for Hazardous Environments


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