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Motorola VS Hytera Package Deals-Radio-Shop UK

Motorola VS Hytera Package Deals

We are pleased to offer a variety of Motorola & Hytera two-way radio package deals that make it easy for clients to purchase. After all why spend hours researching product codes and seeing which items are compatible with which radios.



We offer two solutions 

Package Deals - Making it easier for that all in one purchase. Each deal comes with radios, batteries, antennas, belt clip and a 6 port multi-charging unit 

Complete Package - Same as package deal but the radios are also supplied with earpieces, programming lead & programming software.

So, if you are stuck, confused or unsure what radio you need?

FREE PHONE: 0800 774 7147  for Free Advice.

The solutions depending on the radios normally come with at least two audio accessory options with some radio having three.

  • Acoustic Earpieces (In ear)
  • D-Shape Earpieces (Sit on the ear)
  • Remote Speaker Microphone

Motorola DP4400e Radio Package Deal

Radio Shop are also pleased to offer an easy to find service. Simply click the model of radio you are considering at the top and you will be taken to the package deals relating to that product.

All package deals are supplied with:

  • 24 Months Manufacturer's Warranty,
  • Free Support,
  • Free Programming, 
  • Free Shipping within the UK.

We are proud to sell the latest Motorola & Hytera two-way radios and offer free advice and support.

So, if you are stuck, confused or unsure what radio you need?

FREE PHONE: 0800 774 7147  for Free Advice.

We have created a chart to show you similar model comparison and a link to the packages relating to that model.

Motorola  Prices From   Hytera  Prices From
DP1400 £1465.62 PD405 £1221.00
DP3441e £2507.70 PD605 £1799.00
DP3661e £2896.14 PD685 £2150.00
DP4400e £2048.28 PD705 £1799.00
DP4801e £2871.96 PD785 £2667.00
DP4401EX £4983.42 PD715EX £4545.00


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Richard Aust - March 19, 2018

Just updated our two way radios to the Motorola DP4400E digital for our small marketing / media company. Really pleased with these radios. Lots of radio for the price. 6 radios and a multi charger. Staff love them.

David Thompson - March 19, 2018

Recently purchased Hytera 405 package of 6 radios and multi charger for my small engineering firm to communicate internally with staff and departments. Really pleased with product and price. Wish i had bought two way radios years ago. Would highly recommend these Hytera radios.

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