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Motorola XT460 Licence Free Analogue Radio- Offer-Radio-Shop UK

Motorola XT460 Walkie Talkie Radio- Offer

The licence free Motorola XT460 is very affordable as it only costs £104.99 which even comes with a charger. It is specifically designed for a harsh environment as it meets military standards, meaning it can cope with rough conditions,so you don't have to worry about getting dust inside your radio.

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Motorola XT460


This analogue radio would be suitable for businesses such as restaurants,leisure centres, retail and even on construction sites. These radios also have been tested by Motorola and has been proven that they stimulate up to 5 years of field use.

Due to the Motorola XT460 being licence free it allows you to use these radios straight out of the box without any requirements for an Ofcom licence.

The Motorola XT460 comes with a clear visible display to show what channels your on and the radios battery life.As well as the display the radio offers four programmable buttons enabling you to access the features quickly .The radio also offers you 8 different channels with 219 privacy codes which ensures a great signal.



Motorola XT460 Walkie Talkie



This low cost radio is a great way to communicate as it includes customised  announcements,voice activate mode and a  loud crisp out put with or without accessories. This amazing feature allows you to use the analogue radio in loud environments as it has such a loud clear volume out put.

As well as offering the Motorola XT460 at a low price, we are also offering a amazing price on the 6 pack of the Motorola XT460 for only £623.94 today! This deal is supplied with a 6x pack of unit chargers.

To view this product click Motorola XT460 licence free analogue Radio. 

Order before 2pm to get next day delivery.

Motorola XT460 Walkie Talkie


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Motorola XT460 Walkie Talkie
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