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Pinnacle Response PR Body Worn Camera Range - Available to Buy Today-Radio-Shop UK

Pinnacle Body Worn Camera Range

Pinnacle PR5 & Pinnacle PR6

Radio-Shop UK are pleased to announce that we are now selling the Pinnacle Response PR Body Worn Camera range.

We have two different body worn cameras available to purchase:

Pinnacle PR Body Camera - Radio-Shop UK
The PR5 is a market leading body worn video camera, designed and developed in-house by a team of dedicated technicians and engineers. Robust, reliable and extremely user friendly, the PR5 is the perfect fit for private security users where quality of video and audio is of key importance.

The PR5 combines incredible HD video and audio quality with a market leading record time of over 5 hours and standby time of 12 months. Essentially a ‘plug and play’ body worn camera, the PR5 allows users to record and review footage quickly and easily whilst availing of cutting edge technology.

Simple Design – one touch activation makes the PR5 the easiest to use body worn video cameras in the world.

Pinnacle PR6 Body Camera

Pinnacle PR6 Body Camera - Radio-Shop UK

The PR6 body camera offers the same intuitive ease of use and best in class functionality as the PR5 combined with significant security upgrades. Boasting a range of audio and video upgrades alongside secure encryption, enhanced functionality and secure data transfer via wireless or ultra fast USB 3.0 upload, the PR6 is setting new standards for Police Authorities across Europe and the wider Professional Security Sector around the world.

The PR6 and integrated D.E.M.S software (included in the price) offers a formidable body worn video solution whatever the demands of the organisation. With enhanced ‘true’ 1080p definition, the HD audio and video capture is vastly superior to all other cameras on the market. Unique pause frame video technology must be seen to be believed and is crucial for accurate facial recognition evidence.


If you would like any more information on the Pinnacle body cameras, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Call: 0113 350 1702

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