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Two Way Radios In Events Management

Two Way Radios In Events Management

Two Way Radios In Events Management

Events such as concerts, festivals, sports and parades attract huge crowds - and pose huge risks. Events require instant communications to keep people moving or to call in emergency aid if somebody falls ill or has an accident. Because events sprawl over large areas, they are perfect for the use of two-way radio's that allow staff to keep in touch without worrying about whether they have adequate mobile phone coverage. Many events also hire two-way radio's to improve safety and productivity.

In today's cost conscious business environment, purchasing wireless equipment isn't always the best option. We offer monthly, weekly and even daily hire rates with no limit on the number of radios, as well as customer service, staffing and technical support. Our dedicated professionals are also available to ensure your rental application is set up and fully supported for optimal performance. To discuss radio hire, please contact us using the details below.

However, should you wish to purchase radios, please see below for our recommendations and to see our full range of two-way radios and accessories, please see our website:


Motorola DP4400 Digital Licensed Two Way Radio

Motorola DP4000 - Radio-Shop.UK

The Motorola DP4400 handheld portable two way radio provides the end user with clearer voice using its intelligent audio feature which adjust the radio volume to compensate for background noise and it also filters out any unwanted sounds. It is capable of transmitting the clearest of voice in the loudest of atmospheres which makes it great for the factory workers, road crews and any industries working in noisy environments.

Hytera PD405 Digital Licensed Radio

Hytera PD405 - Radio-Shop.UK

The Hytera PD405 two-way radio is perfect for almost any radio user that requires simple group voice comms. Extremely cost-effective, full power and IP55 rated, the PD405 also features “Mixed Channel”. This means the PD405 can detect both analogue and digital signals and automatically switch between modes to receive on a single channel. This makes a gradual migration to digital even smoother.


Radio-Shop.UK supply the latest two way radios from the top manufacturers including Motorola, Hytera, Icom, Kenwood & Vertex. We have recently released bundles of accessories and radios, making it easier for that all in one purchase. For more information on these bundles, please visit the accessory bundles page and the radio bundles page.

We offer a price promise guarantee on all of our radios and we will match any online price in the UK.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Call: 0113 350 1702

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