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Walkie Talkie Package Deals

Walkie Talkie Deals - All In One Purchases

Walkie Talkie Package Deals

Radio-Shop are now selling bundles of 6 radios and accessories, making it easier for an all in one purchase. We have two types of bundles for a wide range of radios:

Package Deal - These packages come with 6 X radios, 1 X 6 port multi charger, batteries, antennas and belt clips.

Complete Package: These packages come with the same as the package deal, with the addition of earpieces or fist mics (RSM), a programming cable and programming software (via download).

Some examples of our packages:

Below is the Hytera PD405 Package Deal. Please also see the complete packages for this radio.

Walkie Talkie Package Deals

Below is the Motorola DP4400 Complete Package with acoustic earpieces. Please also see the other packages for this radio.

Walkie Talkie Package Deals


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