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Instant Voice Communications

We have been working with constructions companies for years throughout Yorkshire including BAM and Overburys. We have been focussed on selling them the correct products that are fit for purpose and other the key things you look for when working in the construction industry.

The radios need to be robust, durable  and withstand the harshest of environments when it comes to dust and rain.

Blueprints can't answer every question that arises when work crews are adding floors, windows, lifts and heating ducts to a new building. Two-way radios enable construction workers to instantly consult with architects, engineers and supervisors anywhere on the site - or summon extra crew or spare parts to keep jobs on schedule.

Hytera PD705LT Licensed Digital Two Way Radio


Building & Construction Radios


The Hytera PD705LT is capable of ensuring you superior voice in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area. The radio is light, reliable and robust – often being used by construction companies and comes with a 2000mah battery as standard, which gives you prolonged talk time as standard at no additional cost.

Construction Industry -

The crane is lifting heavy equipment across the site 

Two Way Radios In Construction

How do you notify all your staff? and how do you communicate with the crane driver to tell him to lift and lower? 

Two Way Radios -

Allow you to give the crane driver instant instructions and warn other members of staff what is happening at the same time. Communications are 2 Way which also means if any of the crew notice something wrong with the lift, they can highlight the issue before it is too late.