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Since the launch of Radio Shop UK and the vast amount of radios we sell sometimes there is to many choice to which is the correct walkie talkie / two-way radio solution for you.

With over 18 years experience planning, installing, repairing and selling radios we are here to help and make sure you get the correct communications solution for your business.

Here are the most popular radios we sell in the UK.

Motorola DP1400 2-Way Radio:

Entry level Non Display Motorola radio, heavy, bulky radio but very popular with shopping centres and event security. You can drop it without having to worry about it breaking.

Hytera PD405 2-Way Radio:

Hytera's entry level non display radio, very light weight but still robust and excellant radio. In the last several years this is most popular radio we have sold and it is very reliable.

Motorola DP4400e 2-Way Radio:

Excellent radio, great protection from the elements and will last you years. designed to be used in any environment, I have personally dropped one of these by accident off a 30m tower a few years ago. I climbed down put the battery back on the radio has never had a issue at all. Very popular with construction companies and we have sold thousands to private security companies.

Hytera PD705LT 2-Way Radio:

Very popular with construction companies in the UK, One of customers has over 2000 radios in use at the moment. Great water and dust protection, robust and very easy to use.

Codine DP140 2-Way Radio:

Excellent entry level radio with LCD display offering you channel, volume and battery notifications. Very popular with car showrooms due to it being light weight and can be clipped on your waist and used with a earpiece.

Motorola XT460 - Walkie Talkie:

Very popular with retail, especially shops with one floor and open plan. Low cost walkie talkie but has a professional look. Also very popular in resturants.

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