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Motorola DP1400 - Entry Level

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Entry Level Business Walkie Talkies & Radios

We have a selection of Motorola DP1400 Bundles for you. Offering you fast and easy way to pay with free shipping and programming available.

We have Motorola DP1400 Twin Packs, Motorola DP1400 Quad Packs and Motorola DP1400 6 Packs alone or with accessories.

The Motorola DP1400 replaced the Motorola CP040 radio. This radio has three main features and benefits

Motorola DP1400 Benefits

  1. Robust and reliable, it will last years
  2. 2 Pin Audi Connection which enables you to purchase low cost accessories
  3. Simple and very easy to use with it volume, channel select switch and push to talk Button.

The Motorola DP14000 is a very popular entry level radio and commonly used in schools, retail, event security and sports venues. 

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