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Motorola SL1600 - Slim Line

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We have a selection of Motorola SL1600 Radio Bundles for you. Offering you fast and easy way to pay with free shipping and programming available.

The Motorola SL1600 is the slimmest two way radio on the market. This radio has three main features and benefits

  1. The LED display shows you channel and battery status without draining the battery.
  2. The new antenna technology it offers you extended range.
  3. The 2300Mah Lithium  battery provided as standard ensures you have everything you need to see you through the working day.

We have Motorola SL1600 Twin Packs, Motorola SL1600 Quad Packs and Motorola SL1600 6 Packs alone or with accessories.

The Motorola SL1600 is a very popular slim line radio and commonly used in schools, event security and sports venues.

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