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Radio Hire - UK Wide Service

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Radio Hire - UK Wide Service

High quality Motorola radio hire at a great low cost price supplying Motorola radio hire across the UK.

Hassle free service with No Deposits.

Courier Service will deliver and collect the radios at your chosen destination and on your chosen date.

We are now providing the Oil & Gas Sector with a large fleet of ATEX radios for short & long term hire.

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Radio Hire from Radio Shop UK Offers You:

  1. State of the art digital two way radio hire equipment
  2. Fully maintained 24 hour replacement policy for all equipment including batteries
  3. Next Day Delivery Nationwide and you could have you radios the following day ready to work out of the box

    How Does Radio Hire Benefit Businesses:

    1. Reduced Capital Outlay - No need to spend larges amounts for short term projects
    2. Reduces Tax liabilities as the item does not become a asset with a depreciating value
    3. Upgradeable - We can expand and upgrade your service at any time and you are not left with obsolete radios.
    4. We offer a short and long term service to fit your needs.

        The Radio Hire Process:

        The process for hiring two way radios from Radio-Shop is straight forward and hassle free:

        1. You simply tell us how many two way radios you would like and how long for?
        2. We then send you an invoice for payment in advance along with our radio hire terms and conditions to sign and return.
        3. Once payment has been made, your pre-programmed radios are delivered to you by courier on your chosen date.
        4. At the end of the hire period, we will arrange collection.

        What about Coronavirus?

        • All our rented radios are cleaned using Anti-Bacterial Wipes and Air dried.
        • All Accessories are cleaned throughout and any accessories that cannot be cleaned to our high standard are safely disposed off to reduce the spreading of COVID-19.
        • The Hardened Plastic boxes the radio are supplied in are wiped and staff use different gloves when packing and cleaning. The box is then sealed with tamper proof clips.
        • We would always suggest during the hire that one radio is issued to one user during the duration of the hire period.
        • Radios are supplied with labels and serial numbers on the front so they can be easily allocated to staff and identified when picking them up.

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