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Security & Close Protection Radios

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Our Clients

We have worked alongside some of the largest security companies in the work including Aegis, Garda World, G4S, Constellis, Olive and Control Risks.

These companies provide security in high risk environments and protect their clients assets whether that is infrastructure or personal protection of stafff.

Digital Radio Networks

We specialise in building Motorola Digital Networks and Hytera XPT system offering communications across oil fields and large land masses. Our largest network covers 17,000KM and overs voice and data services to our clients.

We also supply local shopping centres and retail parks across the UK assisting our clients witht the professional service they deliver. Two Way Radios offer instant voice and Help to reduce crime such as shoplifiting and bulgary. They also enable security staff to patrol large compounds or shopping centres in a lone worker role but with the confidence they can call for back up straight away.

Radio Solutions

We sell all the essential equipment needed for the security industry including two way radios, accoustic earpieces and body worn cameras to name but a few. We offer solutions not just boxes.