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Hytera BD305LF Licence Free Radio- Review

Small, Compact Business Walkie Talkie

Radio Shop UK have recently carried out reviews on our best-selling products, one of the products is the Hytera BD305, the reviews we have are gathered from previous customers giving us feedback. 

Hytera BD305LF Review


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Benefits of the Hytera BD305LF:

This small, lightweight licence free radio works perfect for business industries such as retail and Leisure Centres. Customers have commented on how quick, easy and clear its to communicate to one another. Having clear audio allows you to directly contact co-workers in noisy environments.

Radio Shop UK have specifically programmed the Hytera BD305LF radio to work with other well-known manufactures such as Motorola, Kenwood and Icom Licence Free Two-Way Radios.


Businesses have found this as a massive advantage for themselves as they are not tied into one particular brand. The Hytera BD305LF radio operates in analogue and digital mode allowing you to use the product with new and old Two-Way Radios. 


Hytera BD305LF

As all Two-Way Radios need charging the Hytera BD305 radio enables you to charge the radio with a USB charger, many customers mentioned how convenient this was to use. 

Disadvantages of the Hytera BD305LF:

The Hytera BD305 Two Way Radio has just been released however is not as well-known as other Hytera products. Although this Two-Way Radio can be charged through USB, it does not come with a single charging unit at this time and some customers like to dock the radio to charge 

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