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Hytera PD365 Digital Two Way Radio - Review

Hytera PD365 Review

Radio Shop UK have personally carried out customer reviews on the portable Hytera PD365 from previous buyers. 

Hytera PD365

Benefits of the HYTERA PD365:

We have found that the Hytera PD365 is small and light weight, most customers comment on how easy it is to communicate with such a small device. The PD365 is perfect for schools, retail and hotels. This compact design of the Hytera PD365  allows you to charge your handheld from USB by adaptor or computer which buyers find useful.

The Hytera PD365 is a reliable digital radio which offers a long battery life with 256 channels to choose from, this two-way radio has clear audio with private group call which enabled businesses to communicate effectively. Having a special feature such as a panic alarm is perfect in emergencies, this was a main benefit for industries as it gave instant communication and notifications. 

Hytera PD365Hytera PD365


Disadvantages of the HYTERA PD365:

The Hytera PD365 has limited tones to chose from which is what Radio Shop UK found that buyers didn't like. 

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