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Motorola DP1400 Digital Radio - Review

At Radio Shop UK we have gathered reviews on the most popular licensed radio sold which is the Motorola DP1400 . This business radio is ideal for security, festival, events and schools. 


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Benefits of the DP1400 Radio:

A massive benefit of the Motorola DP1400 is that they are 10x more powerful than licence free radios, improving the coverage and ability to work. Another fantastic benefit would be that you can use a multi charger to charge up to six radios, avoiding the hassle of needing a variety of plug sockets.

We found that these robust radios are very sturdy meaning that you can drop them, and they will be no damage. Some customers mentioned that the low-cost licensed radio comes in digital and analogue making the audio more effective and last longer. Some customers stated that the price of the Motorola DP1400 is low cost as the price is only £155.99 ex vat which is cheaper than most other licensed radios. Not only is the price of this radio at a low cost but the accessories for this business radio are also cheap for example the earpieces which start at a price of just £9.99.

Disadvantages of the DP1400 Radio:

We found that a big disadvantage of the Motorola DP1400 is the weight and size of the radio. Some customers have complained on how bulky and heavy the radio is which makes it difficult to carry around. Another drawback that we found were that the accessory port has two pins which sometimes can result in the accessory braking.

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