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Motorola DP4401EX ATEX Radio- Review

Intrinsically Safe Radios

Radio Shop UK have recently carried out personal reviews on the Motorola DP4401EX Two Way Radio, we have gathered this information from previous buyers.

Motorol Two Way Radios

Benefits of the Motorola DP4401EX:

Customers who have purchased the Motorola DP4401EX previously commented on how easy it is to use the DP4401EX, they also mentioned that the radio works perfectly in noisy environments which eliminates noise whilst communicating. Radio Shop UK work closely with security companies who provide radios to high risk environments such as Gas and Oil Companies, the Motorola DP4401EX has a high level of health and safety standard.

The Motorola DP4401EX has 32 channels to choose from alongside an emergency button which allows companies to know when there is a man down and needs medical support. This ATEX Two Way Radio is intrinsically safe and comes with a high capacity. Businesses found this a huge advantage as their company works in dangerous explosive surroundings.

Motorola DP4401EX

The Motorola DP4401EX has numerous of ATEX approved accessories available. This two-way radio is accessible in digital and analogue which provides clear audio, businesses found this suitable as they could use it with old and new radios.

Disadvantages of the Motorola DP4401EX:

Despite the Motorola DP4401EX having Health and Safety standards, we found that customers thought this product was overly priced, the reason for this is because the radio has limited power for safety reasons. 

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