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Motorola DP4400e Digital Radio - Review

Motorola DP4400e Review

The Motorola DP4400e is a professional licensed two way radio. We have took the time to review this radio as it is one of our most popular radios. We sell these radios in hundreds to security companies and construction companies.


Benefits of the Motorola DP4400e Radio:

A huge benefit of the Motorola DP4400e is that it comes in both analogue and Digital, allowing you to use these new radios with your old ones too, giving you the flexibility required with a clear crisp voice. The Motorola DP4400e offers lots of features such as a emergency button which increases the safety of your business as instantly notifies others with the radios that there is an emergency. On the Motorola DP4400e it is built with enhanced privacy which 40 encryption which allows you to have enhanced privacy while communicating to others. The Motorola DP4400e offers 32 channels which is why this great radio is so popular with large business as it allows multiple users to join. 



At Radio Shop UK we found that customers loved how much the Motorola DP4400e has to offer. The Motorola DP4400e has a huge list of accessories to choose from and even has a 12 pin connector on the side of the radio which makes the radio more reliable than others as its harder the brake accessories.  With these licence radios you can even purchase a vibration belt clip which signals a message from another user. A lot of our customers commented on how robus the radio is due to the radio has  built in IP60 which makes the radio hard to damage therefore is very suitable for harsh environments. 

Disadvantages of the Motorola DP400e Radio:

 A massive disadvantage of the Licence Motorola DP4400e is the batteries provided. The Battery for the Motorola DP4400e is a standard 1400T, which are absolute rubbish unlike Hytera that sell radios with decent long lasting batteries. However the Motorola impress batteries and chargers are great.

2020 Update: You can now purchase the Motorola DP4400e with Lithium Battery as Standard with no additional cost. Just let us know and we will carry out the swap free of charge.

Here at Radio Shop UK, we offer 24 months warranty on all licence Radios! Order before 2pm and get next day delivery. Any questions Call us on 0800 774 7147.