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Motorola XT420 - Review

Motorola XT420

Most Popular Business Walkie Talkie Radio

At Radio Shop UK we have collected reviews from our past customers who purchased the Motorola XT420 licence free analogue radio.

Motorola XT420 Review 


Benefits of the Motorola XT420 Radio:

We found that the Motorola XT420 is a great for family businesses, restaurants and even for construction sites. This licence free radio is great for these industries as it offers crisp audio,loud volume output and is built for harsh environments. A lot of customers are very pleased with the price of the radio due to it being low cost. This affordable licence free radio includes a battery,belt clip and even a charger which is all included in the price.

The Motorola XT420 is very simple and easy to use as it works straight out of the box with no extended price. A massive benefit we also notice were that the Motorola XT420 offer lots of features for example the 8 channels and voice activated mode. Another benefit of the Motorola XT420 is that is durable and it has a great battery life which can last all day.

Disadvantages of the Motorola XT420 Radio:

One disadvantage of the Motorola XT420 licence free radio is that the privacy is still limited as it is licence free. Another problem with the Motorola XT420 is that it has a two pin connector which can mean that accessories can brake over time. With the Motorola XT420 the chargers are expensive to buy individually so here at Radio Shop UK we recommend you to buy the radio with chargers.

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