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Motorola XT460 Radio - Review

Motorola XT460 Business Walkie Talkie

At Radio Shop UK we sell the Motorola XT460 two-way radios in a large quantities to all our customers. Recently we have collected product reviews on the Motorola XT460 from a variety of our customers to find how effective they work in their businesses.

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Motorola XT460 Review

Benefits of the Motorola XT460 radio:

We have found that a lot of our customers have bought the Motorola XT460 for the retail industry. As the Motorola XT460 is small and compact, customers commented that the radio is small and light making it easy to carry. The accessories for this radio are also low cost such as earpieces which are a benefit to customers. A lot of our customers also have mentioned that the cost of the radio which stands at £99 ex VAT is a great affordable price and even includes a charger with no extra cost.


Motorola XT460 Radio - Review

Most licence free radios do not have a screen display however the Motorola XT460 includes this feature allowing the user to view the channel, volume and the battery life of the radio. As well as the advantage of the display a lot of customers have spoken about the loud clear output of volume which is suitable for noisy environments as you still can hear and be heard.

Disadvantages of the Motorola XT460

One downside that we gathered were that the Motorola XT460 licences free radios are not as robust as the licensed Motorola radios meaning they don't last as long. Motorola only offer 12 months warranty on these radios therefore they normally only last a few years. A common factor that we found was that a lot of companies were selling these radios at low cost but with no charger. At Radio Shop we clearly state the option whether the radio will include a charger or not.

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