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Push To Talk Over Cellular

Radios Which Work Using Mobile Sim Cards

Known as PTOC/POC has now been released world wide. This brand new way of communicating is extremely important  for the safety of businesses as it is so instant and and has so much flexibility to offer. This new way communication has massively improved through out the years. POC can be used by connecting to networks or data. Push-To-Talk over cellular opens many opportunities to businesses as the communication industry has never been so superior before. 

Why Push-To-Talk over cellular? 

In the communication industry there are no other way to communicate in such a flexible and adaptable way. POC is growing and improving massively as it is beginning to become even more popular across the world.Programming and maintenance can be discovered remotely and wireless which provides greater flexibility. The new POC devices have been specially built to have enhanced safety for users.

The Application... 

The POC application gives customers both options of using the POC as a mobile or using it as a Two-way radio all in one device.This simple device comes with many different features.
Push To Talk Over Cellular


The POC device is designed to be simple and easy to use. POC offers a full call history so that you can keep track of what channel you were using and who you were speaking too.The channel list can be viewed through main menu making it easy to find for users.  Another feature the POC has is the group chats that can be used to text one user or a variety of users in which the whole group will receive the same messages at the same time.Fixed IP address is built in,this decreases network traffic when on the move.

The Dispatcher...

The dispatcher is very beneficial to have as is can increase safety to a next level as the POC can be operated for example:
  1. The POC dispatcher has a contact list that displays who is on the network at all times and also allows groups and channels to be visible.
  2.  With a dispatcher it allows you to view chat lists in which are recordings of conversations that users had previously. This allows you to keep recordings so that you can analyse staffs conversations in case there is any problems or incidents.
  3. Lastly you can also access a utility window which is very important to have. Utility window means that you can keep track of the users location at all times through a real-time GPS tracker. A map will appear and you can clearly see which device is where for example if one of the users pressed the emergency button you would receive the alarm and their location. You can also contact users by simply sending them a message.
The dispatcher is perfect for control rooms so that users can be monitored and kept safe at all times.
Push To Talk Over Cellular

How to work the POC?

The POC system is a great way of communication as it gives you such flexibility which is a huge benefit of the Push-To-Talk over cellular device. With all the amazing features the POC has to offer really makes it stand out in the communication industry. This device really does allow you to communicate with a high speed broadband. 

Find out how to build right system for you bellow:

Step 1: Choose your handset

Push To Talk Over Cellular


The POC allows you to run these devices on Wi-Fi, 4G,GPS and Bluetooth giving you the opportunity to change networks for when is needed. 


Step 2: Choose your application set up

A annual licence is needed for the POC device. however it is setup differently. POC devices that have a screen display then it is already set up in the POC app so it doesn't allow other users to use you device giving you more privacy.

Step 3: Choose your sim card

If you will be using the POC device out side of Wi-Fi zones the you will need to choose a SIM card so that you can access data. The SIM cards you can select are either EE,O2 or Vodafone. 500MB is how much data you will receive even thought his doesn't sound like a lot it is more than what a POC device needs. 


Push To Talk Over Cellular

Step 4: Add your dispatcher 

To purchase a dispatcher you also need a annual licence. All you need to do is order a dispatcher software and it comes with the licence too. Once you have the dispatcher software there is no additional cost on the software at all however you do need to order the POC licence after 2 years for the dispatcher only.


Push To Talk Over Cellular

The cost involved- 

If you are not just using a Wi-Fi network then every radio you have needs a POC licence and a SIM. POC devices do Not need any repeaters as it simply is ran by networks which creates a wider area of communications. 

Year 1- initial costs: 

  • Hardware & Software Costs - After adding a dispatcher and set the system up to suit your needs then you simply just purchase them straight away and then there is no additional cost in the future.
  • 12 Month POC Licence - Each POC device and dispatcher does need a licence which lasts 12 months, allowing you to access the POC server.
  • 12 Month SIM Card - Each Radio requires a SIM. 500MB of cellular data is given that lasts 12 months. 

Year 2 - Ongoing costs:

  • 12 Month POC Licence -  Every 12 months the licence for each radio and  needs renewing so you can access the POC server.
  • 12 Month SIM Card -   The SIM also needs renewing every 12 months to receive 500MB cellular data.


SY390 POC Radio


Push To Talk Over Cellular
Push To Talk Over Cellular


SY580 POC Radio

Push To Talk Over Cellular


 SY6 POC Radio


Push To Talk Over Cellular


SYM5 POC Mobile Radio


Push To Talk Over Cellular