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3M PELTOR FLX2 (PTT on Cup) Headset

by Peltor
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£242.00 - £342.00
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Walkie Talkies

3M Peltor FLX2 Hearing Protection

Ear defending headset with boom microphone and PTT on cup. Connects to a 2-way radio with a FLX 2 downlead, purchased separately.

  • PTT on Cup.
  • Requires FLX 2 Cable to connect to the Radio. 
  • A wide selection of FLX 2 cables are available for different radios (refer to the accessories links below).

    Product code: MT74H52A-111  / MT74H52B-111 / MT74H52P3E-111


      • FLX2 connection jack for easy and reliable connection to a wide assortment of handheld devices.
      • Improved speaker performance for high-quality sound reproduction.
      • Water and dust-proof noise-cancelling microphone (IP68) for clear speech transmission in noisy and harsh environments.
      • Lasting comfort for long-duration wear times.
      • Designed to withstand harsh environmental elements.
      • Bright yellow colour for enhanced visibility.
      • PTT on Cup.
      • A wide selection of FLX2 cables for connection to handheld devices.


      With the correct FLX 2 Cable, this headset can connect to the following:

      • Hytera DP7*
      • Icom angeld 2-pin
      • Icom F31/F41
      • Icom F34/F44
      • Kenwood 2-pin
      • Kenwood Multipin
      • Motorola GP300/DP1400
      • Motorola GP340
      • Motorola GP344
      • Motorola Mototrbo (DP3000 & DP4000 series)


      The 3M PELTOR CH-3 FLX2 Headset can enhance communication in noisy environments.
      Suitable for work in Pulp and Paper, Construction, Airport applications and other workplaces, where the workers need to be connected to their 2-way handheld or fixed systems throughout the day to help facilitate frequent contacts with co-workers.


      For more specifications please download the Data Sheet.

      Product code: MT74H52A-111  / MT74H52B-111 / MT74H52P3E-111

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