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Hytera X1p Digital Two Way Radio -Discontinued

by Hytera
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£507.99 - £518.99
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Hytera X1p Slim Line Two Way Radio

The handheld Hytera X1p Digital Two Way Radio from, ultra-thin full power keypad digital portable radio, complies fully with ETSI open standard.

The portable Hytera X1p Digital Two Way Radio combines compact design with extensive DMR functionality, integrated in a chassis that is only 23 mm thick. Thanks to its small dimensions, this handheld radio is perfectly suited to concealed applications. Despite its compact design, the X1p has a full keypad and four programmable keys.

Perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design; secure communication ensured by AES encryption algorithm & 256 digit dynamic encryption keys; convenient application development facilitated by built-in Bluetooth and USB port; and worry-free handling achieved by IP67 protection. All comes with a surprisingly small size: 21mm (1100mAh Li-ion battery) thin.

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Hytera X1p Digital Two Way Radio from

Innovative Design

Ease of Use

Easy to use with the rugged body as thin as 21mm, professional wireless headsets or collar microphone*, palm controller and flexible antenna.

IP67 Compliance

Complies with IP67 requirements, withstanding up to 1m submersion for 30 minutes or more.

Rugged & Reliable

Complies with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards and passes HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test).

Large Size Colour Display

X1p adopts a 1.8″ TFT LCD display (65536 colours), allowing good visibility even under outdoor strong sunlight.


  • Up to 1024 channels
  • 12.5/20/25 selectable channel spacing
  • Mixed mode scanning (analogue & digital channel)
  • MILSTD810 G to ensure outstanding performance in harsh environments
  • IP67
  • Supports Global Positioning System (GPS) (standard)
  • Digital voice call function
  • Digital text message function (preprogrammable message and editable message)
  • DMR Functions (remote monitor, radio enable, radio disable, call alert)
  • Mandown (standard)
  • Loneworker
  • Basic Scrambler and Encryption
  • Advanced Encryption (optional)
  • Pseudo trunk operation (DMO & RMO)
  • MultiSite Roaming
  • Supports Option Board Interface
  • Channel Change Voice Notification
  • 5 tone, HDC1200, 2 Tone signalling selectable (in analogue mode)
  • One touch call/text message
  • Telemetry
  • Vibration
  • Integral Bluetooth
  • Analogue & Digital Emergency

What's in the Box?

  • Hytera X1p Handheld Two Way Radio 1pc
  • Li-ion Battery (1100mAh) 1pc
  • MCU Dualpocket Charger 1pc
  • Switching Power Adapter 1pc
  • Standard UHF or VHF Antenna 1pc
  • Leather Strap 1pc
  • User Manual 1pc
  • 24 months warranty on the transceiver

Please remember all Companies/Individuals using a Licensed Radio require an Ofcom Licence with which we can assist.


Frequency Range UHF 400 - 470 Mhz VHF 136 - 174 MHz
Power Output VHF 1-5W UHF 1-4W
Channel Capacity 1024
Number of Zones 64
Operating Voltage 7.4V
Battery 1100mAh (Li-Ion Battery)
Antenna Impedence 50 Ω
Dimensions (HxWxD) 119.5 x 57 x 21 mm with standard battery, not including antenna
Weight 240g


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