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Motorola DP2400e Digital Two Way Radio

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Motorola DP2400e Licensed Digital Two Way Radio

The handheld Motorola DP2400e Licensed Digital Two Way Radio from is designed for the everyday worker who needs effective communications. With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next-generation radios deliver cost-effective connectivity to your organisation. The DP2400e support for trunking, as well as legacy analogue technology can keep your organisation connected as it grows.

The Motorola DP2400e latest energy technology delivers up to 28 hours of battery life for 3-shift working with a High Capacity Battery Purchase, and the optional IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management tool helps you maximize battery lifetime.

Motorola DP2400e TIA4950 certified models are available for use in hazardous locations where flammable or explosive materials are present. 

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Motorola DP2400e Licensed Digital Two Way Radio from


  • VHF (136-174MHz); UHF (403-527MHz)
  • 16 channels
  • Tri-colour LED for clear visual feedback on radio operating status
  • Large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use
  • 2 programmable buttons to improve ease-of-use and increase operator efficiency
  • Quick, easy-to-use Group, Individual and All-call capability
  • PTT ID helps improve communications efficiency and system discipline
  • Remote Monitor features
  • Elegant channel scanning schemes
  • New accessory connector enables quick and easy attachment and removal of accessories without the need of a tool
  • 5 Tone Functionality
  • Basic Privacy
  • Enhanced Privacy via Software Purchase
  • VOX Capability
  • Transmit Interrupt via Software Purchase
  • Digital Telephone Patch via Software Purchase
  • Intelligent Audio allowing the radio volume to automatically adjust to compensate for background noise
  • IP67
  • TIA4950 HazLoc certification options
  • Direct Mode (including Dual Capacity Direct Mode)
  • IP Site Connect (Single and Multi-Site)
  • Capacity Plus (Single and Multi-Site) via Software Purchase
  • Support for vibrating belt clip

What's in the Box?

  • Motorola DP2400e Two Way Radio - 1 Unit
  • Standard 1400mAh NiMH Battery
  • Single-Unit Charger (if selected above)
  • Antenna
  • Dust Cover
  • Belt Clip
  • In-box Documentation


Please remember all Companies/Individuals using a Licensed Radio require an Ofcom Licence with which we can assist.

Model Variants

Radio Part Number Digital or Analogue
Band Frequency
DP2400e MDH02JDC9VA1AN Both/Hybrid VHF 136-174MHZ
MDH02RDC9VA1AN Both/Hybrid UHF 403-527MHZ


Frequency Range VHF 136 - 174 MHz UHF 403 - 527 Mhz
Power Output VHF 1-5W UHF 1-4W
Channel Capacity 16
Power Supply 7.5V
Battery NiMH 1400mAH
Antenna Impedence 50 Ω
Dimensions (HxWxD) 122 x 56 x 39 mm with standard battery, not including antenna
Weight 350g


Key Motorola DP2400 Features Explained:

Lone Worker Feature

Lone worker is a great feature for security staff and any business where the individuals are working alone. It all starts from programming you pick a specific time period and when the radio is turned on it will count down e.g. 25 minutes. Every 25 minutes the radio will start to bleep for 1 minute. The user then presses the presell to reset the timer. If the user does not reset the timer a pre-determined signal which you choose either destress call, pre-canned text message or alarm is activated to other users or a supervisor in the area. A very simple solution that helps your workforce and if you have any doubt keeps them awake during the night shift as the timer keeps resetting until you deactivate it. You do not have to have it configured on all radios. It can be programmed on key roles which are higher risk e.g. Security Guard covering the back gate.

Lone Worker is built-in to the Motorola DP2400e

Privacy Settings on Radios (Encryption)

The main advantage with digital radios these days it is far easier to reduce the amount people listening to your communications. Analogue radios used to use a scrambler or an option board in the most basic sense change or reverse what voice messages were coming over the air. It was not affective.

Motorola Digital Radios have 3 levels of privacy. Different Series have different capabilities as standards.

Basic Digital Privacy

8 Bit Encryption key – A fixed key programmed in the radio, 255 possible keys both radios require the same key to talk to each other. It prevents the basic listener from hearing your calls.

Basic Digital Privacy is built-in to the Motorola DP2400e

Voice Activation (VOX)

VOX allows the user to transmit on their radio simply by using their voice. There is no need to press the Pressel this frees up the hands so they can multi-task at the same time. The feature can be turned on and off via a button and you can purchase VOX capability audio accessories like headsets that can assist you further. Normal Accessories would require a PTT button to be pressed before the Microphone opens but VOX by-passes this need.

VOX is built-in to the Motorola DP2400e and can be configured during programming.

Channel Scanning

Channel Scanning enables you to monitor several channels and respond when a message comes through. You can preselect the channels in your scan list, the fewer the channels the faster it scans. The radio will flick through the channels without you knowing waiting for a transmission on any of the channels. Once a signal is received your radio will transmit as normal.

With digital radios you can scan both analogue and digital channels simultaneously.

Channel Scanning is built-in to the Motorola DP2400e

Digital has many advantages over analogue:

  1. Clearer Audio.
  2. Integrated data applications.
  3. 40% longer battery life over analogue for extended work shifts.
  4. Increased capacity - twice the number of users for the price of one frequency licence.
  5. Enhanced digital calling and signalling.

Clearer Audio

  • Better basics - improved digital audio quality
  • Clearer voice communications over a greater range
  • Static and noise rejection - digital receivers reject any error signals, permitting improved audio in loud environments

40% Longer Battery Life

MOTOTRBO digital two-way portable radios can operate up to 40% longer between recharges compared to typical analog radios.

IMPRES batteries offer robust, optimized battery cycle life. IMPRES batteries, when used with an IMPRES charger, provide automatic, adaptive reconditioning, end-of-life display and other advanced features.

Data is stored in the battery and communicated to the charger via a unique IMPRES communication protocol which is designed to maximize talk-time and optimize battery cycle life all automatically.

Impress batteries have automated maintenance and six month extended capacity warranty when used with IMPRES chargers. The batteries can be reconditioned without being removed from the radio.


Offers increased capacity and saves ongoing costs compared to conventional analogue networks. Previously customers would ideally use one frequency per a channel this resulted in customers purchasing additional frequencies from OFCOM.

TDMA allows you to split that frequency in 2 time slots and work simultaneously without ever interfering with each other. The time slots can be used as voice channels, data channels or mixed (voice & data).

Enhanced Digital Calling and Signalling

Motorola digital radios allow you to carry out 3 main call types:

One-to-One: You can talk privately with a specific user’s radio without the rest of the radios listening in.

e.g. You need to have a private call with management

One-to-Many: Enables communication with specific sets of group members

e.g. working in a supermarket and you need to get hold of the cleaners only

One-to-All: Allows all users on the same channel to hear the communications.

Remember with analogue there was no affective separation

All these options are available during programming of the DP2400e

Motorola DP2400 Servicing

MOTOTRBO DP2400/DP3441 Portable Programming Cable - PMKN4115B
Software Download
Software Download

Motorola PMKN4115B

DP2000 Prog Lead

Motorola CPS 2.0

Software for


Download Only

Motorola CPS v16

Software Pre 2020

Download Only


Software Download
Software Download
Software Download



Firmware update

to CPS v16

Download Only



Firmware Update

to CPS V2.0

Download Only



Radio Management


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Motorola DP1400 Spec Sheet Download

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