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Motorola T82 Extreme Walkie Talkie - Quad Pack

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Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme.

The Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme Licence Free Walkie Talkie comes in a Quad Pack, and is one of the latest generation of Motorola Talkabout products with a sleek, slender design and fashionable packaging.

The Motorola TLKR T82 Extreme Licence Free Walkie Talkie offers a tough, weatherproof IPx4 rating, making it perfect for use in difficult environments. The hidden display comes to life when you need it, making calling easier, while the easy pairing button makes set-up simple. The radios come with included rechargeable NiMH batteries, but standard AA alkaline batteries can also be used. High capacity batteries offering up to 26 hours battery life can also be purchased.

T82 Extreme.

The TALKABOUT T82 Extreme offers a built-in LED torch, so you can read your map in the dark and keep in touch with others remotely. The radios come in a handy, carry case-style case, and are available in three versions: Extreme Twin Pack, Quad Pack, and RSM Remote Speaker Microphone packs.

The Motorola T82 Extreme offers the user 16 licence free channels with 121 privacy codes enabling you to seperate your channel from other licence free users in the area.

Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme Licence Free Walkie Talkie from

What is the range of Motorola Talkabout T82 extreme?

To get the best range with your Motorola T82 Extreme PMR446 two-way radio, be sure to use it in an open space with few obstructions. The range of the radios will be reduced if you are in a built-up area, or if there are trees or other obstacles in the way. If you need a radio with a longer range, be sure to look in our Licensed Motorola radio section.

Motorola Solutions claims that the range of the radio is capable of 10 km under ideal conditions.

What is the difference between talkabout T82 and T82 extreme?

The Motorola T82 has now been discontinued by Motorola Solutions, as the T82 Extreme has become more popular. The T82 was a simple twin pack box with no accessories and orange.

Motorola Walkie Talkie T82 Extreme.

The talkabout t82 extreme walkie talkies are provided with a carry case, mains USB chargers for the radios, simple to use earpieces that hook over the ear, easy to use belt clips and instruction manual.

Is Motorola T82 waterproof?

The Motorola T82 Extreme has an IPx4 rating, which means it is resistant to water splashes from any direction, but the radio cannot be submerged like an IP66 radio.

Is Motorola t80 compatible with T82?

All the new Talkabout series radios are compatible with the old Motorola PMR license-free radios T40, T60, T80, and T92.

How do I use my Motorola talkabout?

To use a radio, you first must take it out of the packaging and place it on charge. Once it's on charge, turn the radio on and make sure that the channels are set to the same channel and the privacy code is shown on the screen. Next, press the large button on the side of the radio to start talking. When you're finished talking, simply release the button to hear the other users.

If the radio is too quiet, you can turn the volume up. Earpieces simply clip into the side of the radio, and you can speak on the radio using the button on the earpiece instead of having to press the side of the radio.

Motorola T82 Features:

  • Durable, Weatherproof, IPx4 rating
  • Easy Pairing for simple group call set-up
  • Up to 10 km Range *(Depending on terrain and conditions)
  • 20 call tones
  • Hidden Display gives radio status including battery level indicator
  • Dual Power - AA standard alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries (included). NiMH 800 mAH included batteries offer up to 18 hours battery life. Optional high capacity batteries 1300 mAH with up to 26 hours.
  • Micro USB Charging and compatible with drop in-charging deck accessory
  • 16 channels* plus 121 privacy codes
  • 2.5 mm Headset Jack for accessory
  • LED Torch
  • Size WxDxH: 5.7 x 18.1 x 3.3 cm
  • Vibrate Alert & Hands-Free

Standard Quad Packs Include:

  • Quad Pack of T82 Extreme Black & Yellow radios
  • Belt Clips x4
  • M2 Mains Charger with 2 micro USB plugs (Quad) - UK or EU option
  • Rechargeable Battery x4
  • Earpieces x4
  • 16/32 Personalisation Stickers
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carry Case
  • 12 Months Warranty


Please download the Motorola Solutions specification sheet.

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