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Pinnacle PR7 Professional Body Camera

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£455.00 - £660.00
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Pinnacle PR7 Body Camera

The PR7 body camera offers the same easy-to-use features and top-of-the-line functionality as the Pinnacle PR5 and Pinnacle PR6 cameras together, with significant security upgrades. These include improved audio and video quality, secure encryption, enhanced functionality, and fast USB 3.0 uploads. This camera is setting new standards for police authorities across Europe and the wider professional security sector around the world.

Pinnacle PR7 Body Cameras

The PR7 and integrated D.E.M.S software offers a powerful body worn video solution, no matter the demands of the organization. With enhanced "true" 1080p definition, the HD audio and video capture is vastly superior to any other cameras on the market. Unique "pause frame" video technology must be seen to be believed and is crucial for accurate facial recognition evidence.

Pinnacle Body Camera Ease of Use.

The Pinnacle PR5 and Pinnacle PR6 both had easy flick on/off recording, and we are pleased to announce the Pinnacle PR7 also has this easy slide feature ensuring the camera can be used without complicated instructions.

How long does the body camera battery last?

The body camera's battery offers 12 hours of recording time and 150 Hours on standby.

How much footage can I store on the camera before it is full?

The recording capacity for the Pinnacle Response PR7 camera is approximately 40 hours.

Does this record audio?

The Pinnacle Body Camera records audio assisting the user if it is required to be used as evidence in the event of an incident.

Is the Video Camera footage tamperproof?

The cameras have no display on them which prevents the user from quickly deleting the footage.

The PR7 Body Cameras comes in 3 options:

  1. Plug & Play - User simply connects the PR7 camera to a laptop and the device will open like a hard drive and the footage can be transferred easily. Ideal for small amount of cameras.

  2. Password Protected Plug & Play - The device has a password feature which prevents unauthorised access. Uses PPS app to log into the camera, no internet or server required.

  3. Encrypted with DEMS - The device has 256-Bit AES Encryption and prevents unauthorised users accessing the footage. The camera is accessed through Pinnacles D.E.M.S Software. GDPR Compliant & No server required.

What happens if I drop the camera?

The Pinnacle PR7 camera is very durable and has been ruggedised to withstand a 3-metre drop test. With its IP66 water and dust resistance it is protected from the elements. Also like other cameras there is no screen which is normally main component to be damaged when dropped and result in the camera been inoperable.

Pinnacle Response LTD

Pinnacle Response LTD is a Belfast video camera based company that has been providing high quality body cameras since 2007. The manufacturer offers excellent customer support and is constantly developing its product line to ensure it adapts to its customers needs and in particular police supplies. Pinnalce Response LTD developed one of the first Digital Evidence Management System (D.E.M.S) Software allowing multiple cameras to be uploaded at the same time and protecting the footage with encryption.


  • One-swipe on or off

  • Recording Time - 12 hours

  • Crystal-clear optimised sound quality

  • Superior gain & low-light capture

  • 1080p HD wide-screen recording at 30fps

  • Tamperproof, ruggedised build

  • IP66 Water-Resistant, 3 metre drop-test

  • Battery Power on Standby: 150 hours

  • Secure encryption

  • Ultra Speed USB multi-unit upload

  • up to 70mb / second upload

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Enhanced low light capture

  • Wide Angle Lens: 140 Degrees

Optional Extras

Chest Harness

Pinnacle Body Camera Chest Harness

Rotating Police Dock with Lanyard

Rotating Police Dock with Lanyard

Shoulder Harness

Pinnacle Shoulder Harness


Pinnacle PR5 & Pinnacle PR6


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