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Pinnacle PR7 Mini Body Camera

Original price £320.00 - Original price £360.00
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£320.00 - £360.00
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Pinnacle PR7 Body Camera

The New Pinnacle PR7 Mini body camera offers the same easy-to-use features and top-of-the-line functionality as the Pinnacle PR5 and Pinnacle PR6 cameras together, with significant size reduction. The camera offers improved audio and video quality, secure password protection, ease of use, and fast USB 3.0 uploads.

The PR7 is revolutionizing the UK professional security scene with its tiny, lightweight body (80g). It's one of the lightest cameras available.

We advise buying the Lanyard for this camera. It is light and can be easily worn over anything with the camera in the perfect spot.

Pinnacle Body Camera Ease of Use.

Pinnacle PR7 Mini: press red button to record, press to stop.

How long does the body camera battery last?

PR7 mini body camera's battery provides 10 hours of recording 720P, 8 hours 1080P 30 Frame, 100 Hours standby.

How much footage can I store on the camera before it is full?

Pinnacle Response PR7 Mini cam holds 40 hrs on 32 GB card.

Does this record audio?

The Pinnacle Body Camera records audio, useful as evidence in any situation.

Is the Video Camera footage tamperproof?

No display on cameras prevents quick deletion of footage.

The PR7 Mini Body Cameras comes in 2 options:

This camera has two forms: normal plug and play or password protected.

What happens if I drop the camera?

The PR7 Mini camera is strong and can handle a 1 m drop. Its IP65 rating shields it from water/dust.

Do body worn cameras reduce crime?

Yes, security cameras work as a deterrent, with the help of their visible flashing lights and presence. If an incident still happens, the footage is available to show the truth.

Pinnacle Response LTD

Pinnacle Response LTD is a Belfast video camera based company that has been providing high quality body cameras since 2007. The manufacturer offers excellent customer support and is constantly developing its product line to ensure it adapts to its customers needs and in particular police supplies. Pinnalce Response LTD developed one of the first Digital Evidence Management System (D.E.M.S) Software allowing multiple cameras to be uploaded at the same time and protecting the footage with encryption.


  • One-swipe on or off

  • Zero Setup required

  • Recording Time - up to 10 hours (720P) / 8 hours with 1080P

  • Crystal-clear optimised sound quality

  • Superior gain & low-light capture

  • 120 Degree View Angle

  • Tamperproof, ruggedised build

  • IP65 Water-Resistant, 1 metre drop-test

  • Battery Power on Standby: 100 hours

  • Ultra Speed USB multi-unit upload

  • Ultra low light performance

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Enhanced low light capture

  • 360 Degrees Rotatable Crocodile Mount

  • Size 63.5MM x 50.5MM x 26.1MM

What's in the Box? Video

Optional Extras

Chest Harness

Pinnacle Body Camera Chest Harness

Magnetic Lanyard

Pinnacle Magnetic Lanyard


Shoulder Harness

Pinnacle Shoulder Harness

Pinnacle PR5 & Pinnacle PR6 have now been discontinued.


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     Pinnacle PR7 Mini

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    Pinnacle PR7 Mini

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    Pinnacle PR7 Mini

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