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Hytera Two Way Radio Hire UK Wide - 6 Pack

Original price £120.00 - Original price £273.00
Original price
£120.00 - £273.00
Current price £153.00
Walkie Talkies

Two Way Radio Hire 

Low Cost Radio Hire UK

Two Way Radio Hire

This radio service is only availble in the mainland UK

Please call prior to ordering to check availability for the dates you require.

This package is supplied with:

  • 6 x Hytera PD405 Radios
  • 6 x Spare Batteries
  • 6 x Earpieces (Accoustic or D-Shape Available)
  • 1 x Multicharger

Courier Service is recommended and is charged at £33 ex VAT for delivery and drop off on your specific dates.

The radio hire period for 1 weeks is for 7 days excluding drop off and collection

No deposit is required but you will be required to sign our terms and conditions and if any items is lost, stolen or damaged you will be billed the cost to replace the item.

Once you have purchased we will contact to you to confirm the dates

If you require the radios within 7 days please call us 0800 774 7147 to check availablility.

In today’s cost-conscious business radio environment, purchasing wireless equipment isn’t always the best option.

We offer monthly and weekly rates for UK two way radio hire, as well as excellent customer service and technical support. Our dedicated professionals are also available to ensure your two way radio rental application is set up and fully supported for optimal performance.

Whether you’re looking to hire two way radios, repeaters, or a combination of both, Radio-Shop can help make your next event successful.

Ready to hire equipment rentals from Radio-Shop UK saves you money, with prices from just £20 per radio, per week (ex VAT). Please note, there is also a delivery/collection charge. 

The Radio Hire Process

The process for hiring two way radios from Radio-Shop is straight forward and hassle free:

  1. You simply tell us how many two way radios you would like and how long for?
  2. We then send you an invoice for payment in advance along with our radio hire terms and conditions to sign and return.
  3. Once payment has been made, your pre-programmed radios are delivered to you by courier on your chosen date.
  4. At the end of the hire period, we will arrange collection.

We do not ask for a deposit on the two way radio hire, we simply state that if any items are damaged, misplaced or stolen that you replace them at our stated price. 

Our Most Popular Hire Offer

Our most popular two-way radio for hire is the Hytera PD405 Digital Licensed Two Way Radio.

Hytera PD405 Digital Licensed Two Way Radio - Radio-Shop


The cost to hire this radio is £20 per radio, per week (ex VAT).

This price includes:

  • Digital Two Way Radio
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Antenna
  • Belt Clip
  • Hand Lanyard
  • Charging Unit
  • Additional Li-Ion Battery
  • Earpiece - Acoustic or D-Shape
  • Ofcom Frequency License 

Call us today to discuss your hire requirements - free phone 0800 774 7147

Alternatively, complete our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible 

Other Radio Hire Products Available

Radio-Shop offers the large wireless communications fleet in the nation. Included in our extensive wireless equipment rentals inventory are industry-leading devices such as:

Applications That Benefit From Two Way Radio Hire

Some of the most common uses for two way radio equipment include:

  • Retail
  • Trade shows
  • Meetings, conferences, and events
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Petrochemical refinery turnarounds
  • Other Oil & Gas establishments
  • School and church outings
  • Corporate events
  • Security operations
  • Transportation companies
  • Travel services

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase two way radios, we have a wide variety of Motorola and Hytera two way radio package deals

Hytera Authorised Two Way Radio UK Dealer - Radio-Shop

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