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Radio Shop Franchise-Radio-Shop UK

Radio Shop Franchise

Have you ever thought about a new career?

Bored of the same job?

Want to retrain in your spare time?

Radio Shop Franchise

This is not a get quick rich scheme it's a career which will take time to build and you will get the support and help you need to succeed.

You will carry full training and get all the necessary qualifications and support to help you grow your own region. 

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The training will be carried out in several stages:

Phase 1 - Introductions to the Business & Brand

Phase 2 - Sales Training

Phase 3 - Radio Technical Training 

Phase 4 - IT & Network Configuration

Phase 5 - Brand Awareness & Marketing 

Phase 6 - Telesales Training 

Phase 7 - Health & Safety

Phase 8 - Regional Setup

Phase 9 - Future Technologies

 All training will be carried out in our Leeds Office offering hands on experience with all the latest two way radios & IT technologies and systems.

Two Way Radio Training

Radio Shop are pleased to offer the opportunity of franchises in the following areas:

Birmingham Derby Manchester
Bradford Edinburgh Newcastle
Bristol Lanarkshire Nottingham
Cardiff Leicester Plymouth
Coventry Liverpool Sheffield


Overseas Franchises

Libya Africa Dubai
Afghanistan Iraq


What if my region is not listed above? Please get in touch and we can look at the regions and we will also consider other regions across the world as we can offer a global solution. e.g. In Belfast and want to join us ... Get in touch

So why we are offering a Franchise? The honest answer is we want passionate people who have the drive to succeed and have a personal interest which is greater than just getting your pay check and going home. It is a proven fact if you have invested your own money you have the passion to want the company to succeed and we will all succeed.

How much will it cost me? Price depends on the region and the potential income you could earn. There is a lot of training and support involved and this is the opportunity to work for yourself but have the support with over 18 years in two-way radio communications.

So, I pay into the Franchise what do I get back? To start off with you will receive training, PC, Software, Programming Cables, Custom Website, Regional Phone Number, VOIP phone,  Marketing Material, Advertising in your area and the relevant social media pages.

Do you only sell radios? We can assist you sell other products including CCTV, IT equipment, IVMS/Vehicle Tracking, Access Control and other varieties of security solutions and offer you training on these solutions.

Where do I work from? You have the option of working from home to start with, to keep your outgoings down, or you can work from the Leeds office free of charge anytime. Once the business develops in that region the option of offices will become available.

How much do I get paid? All depends on the effort and commitment you put into the company. The more you drive yourself and get out there and sell the products and services the more you get back. Honest estimate is around £20-35K in you first year, but you could earn a lot more. Overseas regions could earn £50K plus in the first year.

Why should I choose Radio Shop? We are the next generation of two-way radio resellers offering solutions and not just shifting boxes. As part of our team you will have access to a large fleet of hire radios, be able to sell all the top brand products, have full support and access to remote technologies to manage your franchise from a mobile if needed.

What qualities to do I need? Be confident and passionate with the willingness to learn, adapt, fault find and sell. A understandings of computers is essential and we will do the rest.

I have a company already, but we are looking to go into this market overseas, can you help? Yes, we can do partnerships with companies and using your existing assets and access to markets to get you up and running quickly and built a reliable service to resell a professional service with our full support.

*All money is earned through commission and sales generated in your area.

For more information please call 0800 774 7147 or email for more information.

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