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Hytera PD375 Radio - Discontinued

Educational Radio Hytera PD365 Hytera PD375 School Radio

The Hytera PD375 Two Way Radio has now been discontinued. 

We loved the product at Radio Shop and we have supplied the majority of our Educational based customers with the PD300 Series Radios. They are a small compact reliable radio which offers crystal clear voice communications. Some of the key bonus features are a easy to view display, caller ID and preset buttons which can be configured to make private calls or send precanned text messages. Making it the perfect School Radio.

Dont Panic though the Hytera PD365 Radio is not going anywhere and will work with all PD375 models and carry out the same functions. The only difference is the outer casing of the radio. Over the years it would appear the majority of sales have been in the Hytera PD365 and that is why the PD375 is being retired.

We provide a vast amount of academies and ecducational based facilities with radios across the UK. So if you need any help and free advice please dont hesitate to get in touch

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