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Motorola MOTOTRBO System Types

Motorola MOTOTRBO System Types

Mototrbo System Types - Radio Shop UK

Motorola systems are simple and scalable

Motorola IP Site Connect

Mototrbo IP Site Connect provides a simple and affordable way to extend your communications coverage and keep your workforce better connected, all you need is an IP connection allowing you to easily connect up to 15 sites and up to 200 users. Regardless of whether users are in different areas, big buildings or hilly terrains, you will still have uninterrupted voice communications. 

IP Site Connect works by linking multiple repeaters through an internet network giving you a wider coverage area, enhancing single-site coverage or linking geographically dispersed locations. 

IP Site Connect allows you to easily share text messages, GPS location tracking and work order tickets to name just a few features. 

Automatic site roaming means that workers are not distracted having to change channels when moving to different coverage areas.

Mototrbo Capacity Plus

Mototrbo Capacity Plus operates on a high capacity single-site system connecting up to 15 repeaters and up to 1600 users on one system.

Capacity plus allows you to cost effectively expand the capacity of your current two-way radio system without having to purchase additional infrastructure.

As with the IP Site Connect, you can easily share text messages, GPS location tracking and work order tickets to name just a few features.

Mototrbo Connect Plus

Mototrbo Connect Plus is a system which is suited to large organisations connecting up to 250 sites and up to 3000 users.

The large scale of this system means you can communicate with your workforce in different towns, cities and even countries. 

Connect Plus offers encryption options giving you secure communications and offers a feature to remotely deactivate a lost or stolen radio. There are also options to assign important users, such as managers and security, a priority status. This means that they can have fast access to communicate when the system is in high demand.

Mototrbo Connect Plus - Radio Shop UK

Mototrbo Capacity Max

Migration to Capacity Max is straight forward and your investment is safe, ensuring you can use your existing Mototrbo products to evolve and expand your network and capabilities up to 250 sites with up to 3000 users per site. Capacity Max will also support all Mototrbo dispatch consoles including:

  • SmartPTT Plus
  • TRBOnet Plus
  • Telephony Using Smart SIP Technology

Mototrbo Capacity Max is fully compliant with DMR Tier III motive operations ensuring that you have the flexibility to build a solution that's right for your organisation. When the system is operating with Mototrbo radio, it supports an additional range of innovative features from advanced location tracking to remote programming and enhanced security.

Over-the-air programming makes real time radio updates fast and simple, and the system is set apart by its multi level resiliency and high fault tolerance. A flexible distributed architecture connected with a standard IP network, optimised architecture gives you maximum efficiency. 

Capacity Max gives you centralised control of your entire radio fleet working on an IP network. You can create call groups, monitor alarms and faults and you can also create code plugs on the system. 

As with Connect Plus, the system is encrypted and you have the ability to remotely deactivate a lost or stolen radio.

During busy periods, calls can be queued and users notified when a slot is available and they can proceed with their communications.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Brochure Downloads:

Mototrbo IP Site Connect

Mototrbo Capacity Plus

Mototrbo Connect Plus

Mototrbo Capacity Max

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