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TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 Dispatch System

TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 Dispatch System

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TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 Dispatch System

We are pleased to announce the release of the new TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 Dispatch System. This software takes your Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios to a new level. You can make the use of all the digital features available on the radios and the whole system comes to life.


Two Way Radios are no longer about Push to Talk (PTT) they offer far more features that people are just not aware of in the UK.

The New TRBOnet 5.2 version allows you to connect IP Cameras to the system which allows you to access live video feed. 

The system records all the audio from the radios ensuring you have all the information required for incident management.

The dispatcher system allows the Operation Room to communicate (voice & Text) to the end users without a radio using a pocket pc and a headset.

Motorola DP radios ending in 01 can be tracked using the GPS module preinstalled in the radio e.g. DP4401e, DP4601e, DP4801e, DM4601e


Think of the money you would save on Tracking! 

You can create a panic alarm on the radios for when users cannot talk but needs assistance. The radio will alarm on the dispatcher screen, show their location and activate the microphone on the radio so you can receive live audio during the incident.

TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 Dispatch System

The radios are then displayed on a variety of maps with different terrain ensuring you have the map to fit your needs. Detailed schematics of buildings can also be added to the software.

You can connect multiple sites and transfer call connections (cross patch) between different repeater networks e.g. Different emergency services could communicate to each other during an incident.

Text messaging and Job Ticketing, enables you to send tasks direct to the radio and once completed the end user can mark it complete informing the operation room without the needing to talk.

TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 Dispatch System

You can make Private Calls, Group Calls and All Call to speak to all users in the event of an emergency. 

Telephone Interconnect enables the end user to call in on a mobile phone and talk to the radios.

Web consoles enables you to access your network from anywhere in the world using a secure connection and track the users with ability to send a text message straight to their radio.

The TRBOnet Mobile app allows you to track the radios users and speak to them via your android app.

This is to name but a few features of what this software can do for you and your business.

If would like further information, please don't hesitate to call us 0800 774 7147 for free advice and support or email

Ideal for the following Industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Security
  • Shopping Centres
  • Event Companies
  • Hospitality
  • Stadiums
  • Airports

We design solutions to fit your business and ensure you get the products you need and not just what other companies want to sell you.

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