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We Are Pleased to Announce, We Now Accept Bitcoin!-Radio-Shop UK

We Are Pleased to Announce, We Now Accept Bitcoin!

After all we are a communications company that focusses in new technologies and not to accept or embrace Bitcoin is just closing our eyes to the future.


You can know purchase any products from our Radio-Shop Online Store up to the value of £700 using Bitcoin

Please remember we also offer Finance to businesses to make our products and services financially viable to the end user.

So How do I pay using Bitcoin?

  • Simply add your items to the Cart.
  • Complete the checkout process as normal.
  • Then Select.


  • Follow the instructions and make the transaction securely on their portal. Your items will then be shipped as normal after the payment has been received.

If you require any assistance, we are here to help Call 0800 774 7147 for free advice and assistance.

Other common questions reference bitpay:

What rate will I pay?

You will pay the rate that day for Bitcoin.

Will I see the rate before I make Payment?

Yes you will see the exchange prior to you making payment.

What if I want to return the item?

We will refund you the amount you paid in GBP.

What if I want to spend more than £700 in one transaction?

We are planning to increase the daily spend in the coming months, so this hopefully will not be a problem for too long.

You can make multiple payments with different carts and we will ship it all together.

What if someone uses my Bitcoin account?

Please note we are not responsible for your Bitcoin account being misused and no refunds will be issued. As per all standard Bitcoin practices you are responsible for your own security and we suggest all users add the additional security methods which are free.

Do you have more information about bitpay or Bitcoin ?

Please feel free to look at the following websites for information but remember we accept NO responsibility for what company you go with and we do not recommend or sponsor any Bitcoin companies or exchanges.

Please spend the time to research Bitcoin, if you do not have an account

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