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Motorola CLK, CLP, XT400 Series & XTNI Programming Software_Radio-Shop UK

Motorola CLK, CLP, XT400 Series & XTNI Programming Software


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Motorola Customer Programming Software (CPS) is now available via downloable purchase.

Version R04.00 - Release Date 09.07.17

Please note No Refunds are offered on this product as it is downloadable at point of sale.

***This product is excluded from our Money  Back Guarantee*** 

This software is designed to be used on the following radios:

  • Motorola CLK Radios
  • Motorola CLP Radios
  • Motorola XT420 and XT460 Radios
  • Motorola XTNI Radios

Installation of Motorola Customer Programming Software

  • Download via the link provided when purchased
  • Unzip file and click install
  • Follow the onscreen installation steps
  • The software normally requires a few additional windows programs to update before installation, no additional cost just follow instructions and your computer may restart several times.
  • Once installed we suggest restarting your computer normally gets rid of any glitches you may experience or issues connecting radios.
  • We suggest shutting down other programs like Outlook etc as it can slow your computer down.
  • Open your Motorola CPS
  • Connect radio using the correct programming cable
  • Power on the radio 
  • Make sure the battery is at least half charged
  • Select Read on the top tab
  • It will read the radio and show you the current codeplug in the radio
  • Go through the options and program as necessary
  • Once you have created your code plug, Save and name it clearly so you can find it in the future.
  • Now press Write - to send the information back into the radio
  • The radio will power down and back up once it has been programmed and notify you on the screen.
  • If you wish to connect another radio - connect and then select 'Clone'

So top tips for programming -

  • Read your radios before and after and you dont have to rewrite the codeplug from scratch in the CPS if you make a error. 
  • Always keep a copy of the original blank code plug, when it comes to selling the radio later you can load it back to factory settings easily.
  • Each radio model has its own code plug so you can only Clone a XT420 using a XT420 code plug.
  • Read = Reads the Radio
  • Write = send the code plug to the radio with the matching serial number on the code plug
  • Clone = Sends the code plug to another radio which is the same model and copies the Radio ID and Name


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