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Motorola Software, Firmware & Programming Leads

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Programming Software For Your Walkie Talkie Radios 

We are pleased to offer Motorola Software and Firmware for a variety of Motorola Portable, Mobile and Repeater Radios.

Motorola CPS

Motorola Software or commonly known as CPS (Customer Programming Software) enables you to program your Motorola radios and make modifications to the code plug.

The code plug is the file inside the radio that contains sensitive information about the radio like is channel frequencies, radio ID & serial number and its power settings to name but a few.

With the software you can modify your channels in accordance to your frequency licence. Often radios are resold and require reprogramming this gives you the software you need to install it on your windows computer.

Motorola Firmware

Firmware is often released to fix any issues with a radio or add new features and settings. The firmware is downloads and installed into your Motorola CPS. From here you can update the radio from the settings. It is always recommended to keep your radios upto date when it comes to Firmware as it allows you to benefit from new features that you previously didnt know were capable with your radios.

Both Motorola Softwares and Firmware normally come with a read me file which inform you or the latest changes and the difference between the versions.

Motorola Programming Leads 

If you are planning to program your radios please make sure you purchase the correct leads. Yes you can buy cheaper leads on Ebay and non genuine versions but from my experience these lead to no end of issues when programming and connectivity issues when you need them the most. I recomment always buy the right cable for the right radio it will save you hours in fault finding when you can read the radios on the CPS software.