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Motorola DR3000 & MTR3000 Firmware Update (CPS 2.0)_Radio-Shop UK

Motorola DR3000 & MTR3000 Firmware Update (CPS 2.0)


inc. VAT: £11.99

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Version R02.10.00.05 - Release Date 10.05.19

For Motorola DR and MTR Repeater Radios Note: CPS 2.0 / RM Version 2.18.95 or later must be used with this release.  Codeplug Version 20.00.02.

Please note No Refunds are offered on this product as it is downloadable at point of sale.

***This product is excluded from our Money  Back Guarantee*** 

This Motorola Radio Firmware is designed to be used on the following radios and software:

  • Motorola DR3000 Digital Repeater
  • Motorola MTR3000 Digital Repeater
  • Motorola CPS v2.0

Please note you only need to purchase one to update all your Repeater radios. Once updated it cannot be backdated to the older Firmware!

Installation of Motorola Radio Firmware

  • Download via the link provided when purchased
  • Unzip file and click install
  • Follow the onscreen installation steps
  • The Firmware package will be added to you Motorola CPS (you must have CPS 2.0)
  • We suggest shutting down other programs like Outlook etc as it can slow your computer down.
  • Open your Motorola CPS
  • Connect radio using the correct programming cable
  • Power on the radio 
  • Make sure the battery is at least half charged
  • Select Update on the top tab
  • It will read the radio and tell you if it needs updating
  • Select the update - Press OK
  • It will now begin to update
  • Do not Power Down or Disconnect
  • Once complete the software will notify you
  • It may turn the radio on and off several times just leave it alone
  • Once complete move onto the next radio if you have any
  • Now if you Read the radio (Press Read at the top of software) you will see the latest firmware features in the Code Plug.

Please note version 2.0 will let you read the radios with older firmwares but you will not be able to write to them until you update the Firmware.

So top tip - Read your radios before and after and you dont have to rewrite the codeplug from scratch in the CPS.

Software Ownership & Download Disclaimer

For convenience, we offer software for download instead of physical CD delivery. Software provided by Radio Shop is supplied free of charge. Any fee you pay to us in the process of obtaining software should be regarded as a "download and administration fee", which simply covers the cost of data file storage and the bandwidth used when downloading the software. The "download and administration fee" can range from £9.99+VAT to £99+VAT and is directly proportional to the size of the files and the quantity of files available for download. Any software Radio Shop provides will remain the property of the manufacturer and, whilst you are free to use it to configure your radio or device, you will NOT own the software.

No Refund Policy

Radio Shop  will not, under any circumstances, refund the "download and administration fee".

Software Support Unavailable

Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support for self-programming two way radios. If you choose to program your own radio, we urge that you allow plenty of time to self-learn about your radio and the programming process - it's not always straightforward. We offer a programming service but this comes at an additional charge.

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