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Radios For Schools

Radios For Schools - Radio Shop UK

Some of the main uses for two-way radios in schools are: 

  • Janitorial and maintenance
  • Security
  • Playground control
  • Car parking
  • Event communications
  • Plays and shows
  • Incident Management - e.g. First Aid Response & Fire Alarm

However, choosing the right package of two way radios for teachers can be difficult with the huge range of prices and styles of equipment that are available on the market today. Each school also has different needs depending on the size of the grounds and what they would use wireless communications for.

Using two way radios in schools helps to assist your duty of care and meet conditions of many public liability insurance policies.

Our Experience With Radios For Schools

Our experts have consulted with schools and colleges of all sizes about which kind of two way radios they use and what they would like to see in a system. After listening to them, we have put together a selection of different two way radios that are suitable for various institutions.

Call us today to discuss this further on 0113 350 1702, or email:


    Hytera PD365 - Radio-Shop.UK

    Our Hytera PD365 digital radios have a variety of features making them ideal for use in schools including:

    • Small compact design - smaller than your average mobile phone
    • Good battery - Lasts the whole day and can be charged via its USB connection
    • Caller ID - You can see who is making the call, this can be specified to the teachers name or their job title.
    • Panic Alarms - A silent panic alarm can be activated for teachers in need and it can be configured to notify specific individuals or groups
    • Private call - you can call individual radios like a mobile phone but at no additional cost
    • Group call - you can allocate radios to a group (e.g. heads of departments) and that group can talk privately
    • All call - all radios can communicate at the touch of a button for site wide incidents
    • Privacy - it's your own private network, no one else can hear you

      Radio-Shop.UK supply the latest two way radios specifically for schools and we take the time to ensure you get the correct solution fit for your purpose. We know every project is different and we are not here to shift boxes we are here to sell solutions.

      We are very familar with the process for purchasing for schools and we are already registered with the majority of councils. We are more than happy to accept purchase orders and we offer free ongoing support.

      If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us:

      Call: 0113 350 1702